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Last Updated: 24th July, 2021

DAU Home

DAU Home

The Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (JRAC) used a phased approach for a Joint Urgent … Icon. Adaptive Acquisition Framework · Icon. Defense Acq Guidebook …

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) - AcqNotes

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) – AcqNotes…

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides acquisition training to members of … Acquisition Portal, The Defense Acquisition Portal (DAP) serves as the …

Acquisitions Online - AcqNotes

Acquisitions Online – AcqNotes

Defense Acquisition Portal. – Defense Acquisition University. – Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx). – Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy.

DLA Acquisition (J7) - Defense Logistics Agency

DLA Acquisition (J7) – Defense Logistics Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency Acquisition (J7) Directorate manages the establishment and operations of procurement policy and oversight for DLA’s 5.2 million …

Defense Acquisition University - Government Contracting

Defense Acquisition University – Government Contracting…

Defense Acquisition University is a Department of Defense resource that supports the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics … Defense Acquisition Portal.

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DAU Policies and Information…

Priority 1: Defense Acquisition Workforce members who must meet position … · d=_24_1.

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acquisition workforce strategic plan – DoD HCI

Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund – A Significant Enabler . …… 37,771 contact hours on the Defense Acquisition Portal. • 32,786 contact hours …

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Related Websites – Defense Standardization Program

The official site of the Defense Standardization Program. … acquisition encyclopedia; Defense Acquisition Portal … a one-stop source for acquisition information …