It doesn’t happen quite often, but it happens. Before you start imagining iron bars and striped clothes, know that it isn’t actually a physical jail. But, Facebook does have its own way of dealing with users that violate their community standards and put them in a virtual jail.

Even when you schedule Facebook posts in advance, you will have to remain careful about adhering to the rules. You should pre-plan content in accordance with the Facebook standards.

What is Facebook Jail? | How To Get out of Facebook Jail
What is Facebook Jail? | How To Get out of Facebook Jail

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail is a concerning thing for someone who uses their account/page to continuously promote and sell products or services. Being a business using FB as a promotion platform, it is necessary to be aware of the things that can cause complications and stop you from using your account. Even a minor mistake can lead to the closure of your account.

Facebook Jail is the term used when Facebook suspends accounts (profile or company page) for violating the Facebook Community Standards, whether purposely or unintentionally.

What is Facebook Jail?
What is Facebook Jail?

Thus, there are mainly two types of blocking in Facebook jail:

  1. Temporary blocking: In such a case, Facebook suspends your account for a certain period of time and after the ban period gets over, you can resume your account activities. The maximum period for putting such a ban is 21 days.
  2. Permanent blocking: This is when your account will be permanently deleted and it will not be possible to ever get access to your account again.

Why does Facebook put people in jail?

On 17 September 2019, Facebook revealed the additional steps they are introducing to fight hatred and extremism around the Facebook network. Although it is frustrating, it is important to note that Facebook is doing this in order to preserve the credibility, protection, privacy, and integrity of all members of the Facebook community.

How do you know if you are in Facebook jail?

Those who have heard about the term before; they automatically realize they are in Facebook Jail but for some, this could be their first experience. Moreover, Facebook always notifies you when they do this but still if you haven’t been notified, here are the possible scenarios:

  • You are not able to post on your timeline, page or any groups.
  • You are not able to comment anywhere on the social network.
  • You cannot like someone’s posts or pictures.
  • You have been blocked from accessing your account or page.

So if any of the above incidents is happening or if you are not able to use all the features of Facebook, you have been jailed.

Apart from that, to know what violations you have done to deserve Facebook Jail or to see the notification that you are out of Facebook Jail, here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Click on the drop-down menu given in the top-right corner and click on ‘Settings and Privacy’
  3. Again, click on ‘Settings’
  4. Scroll down on the left and click on ‘Support Inbox’
  5. Click on ‘Your violations’ to see all the violations you have done and there you will also see when your Facebook jail will get over.

Top Reasons for being put in Facebook jail

There can be several reasons for which you can be put into Facebook jail. Some of them are listed below:

  • If you’ve been sharing nude and provocative stuff, you’ll be suspended. Facebook has a very tough policy against such material.
  • If you hate any user or group on Facebook, it’s better to keep it to yourself. Facebook bans any account that throws hate speech, threats, or attacks on any person/page/group on the platform.
  • Spamming people with posts is another popular reason for being put in Facebook jail. 
  • Do not post fake or plagiarized content. As much as Facebook loves real and original updates, it hates fake rumors and copied posts. 
  • Your fan following is not going to affect the fact that your account can be suspended. If you violate any rule, you will be banned regardless of the followers you have.

What happens when you get banned from Facebook?

If you find yourself in Facebook jail, you’re not alone. The increased security measures by Facebook have resulted in the restriction of actions for a large number of profiles and pages. The good thing is that the Facebook jail doesn’t last forever (if your accounts don’t continuously violate the regulations). After a certain period, you’ll be able to use your account just like you did before. Just be extra cautious when you come out of it. Usually, Facebook jail is also followed by a probation period of 7 days.

How long is Facebook jail?

There are two types of Facebook jail blockings that you should know: temporary and permanent.

Temporary blocking

In a temporary blocking setting, Facebook would block your account for a fixed or specified period of time, generally a few hours or a few days. The maximum time for blocking by Facebook is 30 days. Once you go over this period of time, you get out of Facebook jail and get access to your account.

Permanent blocking

To get out of Facebook jail in the case of permanent blocking is borderline impossible. So, for business owners and marketers who have put in significant hours and effort into Facebook marketing, Facebook jail can be a complete destruction of resources.

How to put someone into Facebook jail?

As per the announcements made be the CEO at Facebook, anything you say or announce that falls under the “Objectionable content” category can land you into Facebook jail. They have further specified four areas of this category; hate speech, graphic violence, adult nudity, and sexual activity.

How to come out of Facebook jail when you get banned?

When it’s about to the lowest level, there’s a lot that can be done. You may file an appeal for a review on Facebook. After doing that, you will receive an email regarding its outcome. Either it’ll get accepted or rejected. Many people have done this and Facebook has restored their account’s functionality.

The other two levels are higher and there’s nothing you can practically do about it. The only thing to do is to just create a new page or even an account. In short, the lowest level is easy to get out of, but for the other two levels, the chances are very low.

In case your account is not removed and you get the access back, remember to follow the guidelines properly and not make your profile look spammy. There are a few things that you can in order to avoid being thrown in Facebook jail. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be the only motto when it comes to staying away from getting suspended.  

How Do You Get Out of Facebook Jail?

So okay, you’re in Facebook jail maybe by accident or because you did violate some of their guidelines — how do you get out of it?

When it comes to getting out of Facebook jail, there are three options.

Serve Your Sentence

The first way to get out of Facebook jail is to just “serve” your sentence. In other words, just wait it out.

If you are in Facebook jail, as mentioned, you will receive a notification if you try to post on your timeline or anything of the sorts that will say your actions are restricted. Within the notification it should also state how long you will be restricted.

If you are only in “Facebook jail” for a day or two then it might be best just to wait it out. But let’s say you committed a serious “felony,” and have to be in Facebook jail for a while — then what are your options?


The second way to get out of Facebook jail is to file an appeal.

If you know for a fact that you did nothing wrong, then you can select the “This is a mistake” option in the notification and file for an appeal. You will receive the result of your appeal via email.

Create New Account

The third way to get out of Facebook jail is to create a new account.

This option should be the last resort and only be used if you are in Facebook jail permanently/you are blocked.

This may not be ideal especially if you are running a Facebook group for your business, however, you must have really broken the guidelines to end up in this situation so just chalk it up to a learning experience.

With that being said, if you are in this situation, just make sure to follow the Facebook terms and rules next time to avoid any future hassles.

Ways to Avoid Facebook Jail

The best way to avoid Facebook jail, even in its most minor form is to understand Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

But being realistic, who reads through the whole terms and conditions? With that being said, here is a quick summary of things you should not do:

  • Spam post creations back to back
  • Don’t post inappropriate content
  • Don’t send more than 50 friend requests a day
  • Don’t join more than 10 Facebook groups a day
  • Don’t spam add or tag people in posts or pictures
  • Don’t post spam videos or images such as giveaways
  • Don’t use automated software or scripts to post content
  • Don’t use face accounts

Outside of avoiding these actions, some additional steps to protect your account include:

  • Completing your Facebook profile

Make sure you fill out your profile details so that it is a complete profile.

Check out your page and make sure all the details in the “About” section are filled out and accurate.

  • Verify account via mobile

Verify your account via mobile by adding your phone number to your account. This will show Facebook that you are a real person and not a fake or bot account.

How do you stay out of Facebook jail?

Don’t do this to Avoid Facebook Jail

  1. Spam post creations back to back.
  2. Don’t post inappropriate content.
  3. Don’t send more than 50 friend requests a day.
  4. Don’t join more than 10 Facebook groups a day.
  5. Don’t spam add or tag people in posts or pictures.
  6. Don’t post spam videos or images such as giveaways

Why does Facebook keep putting me in Facebook jail?

Facebook Jail is the term used when Facebook suspends accounts (profile or business page) for breaking the Facebook Community Standards. Facebook will suspend an account’s ability to post or to use specific features for a while due to violations, suspicious logins, or spammy behavior.

How long does Facebook put you in jail?

Users that run afoul of Facebook’s rules can spend time in what many now call “Facebook Jail,” losing commenting and posting abilities for from 24 hours to 30 days or, in more serious cases, lose their accounts indefinitely

Can you challenge Facebook jail?

You can file an appeal for a Facebook review. Once it is done you will get an email about the outcome of your appeal. Either the website will accept or reject it. There have been many cases where people have won the appeals and the site has restored their functionality.