GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware. As of June 2020, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and over 7,000 employees worldwide.

If you are a newly registered user who needs help in how to login into a GoDaddy Account, There are three simple ways to access GoDaddy which are email, Webmail and MS Office 365. In this article I will show you how to login and also how to update and reset the password of GoDaddy workforce webmail.

GoDaddy is a leading platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for getting the most suitable domain names for your business. In addition, it offers attractive website designs, fast website hosting services, online marketing and customized Webmail service for easy working space.

How to Login to Godaddy Account Webmail

Here we’ve discussed not just one but a total of three popular methods using which you can easily get into your GoDaddy account. Besides that, we’ve also mentioned how you can reset and change the password of your GoDaddy account to deal with login-related issues.  So, what you’re waiting for, let’s get started:

Method 1: Login through the GoDaddy website

You can go for GoDaddy Email Login through the official GoDaddy’s website. Here are the easy steps to follow for doing that.

Steps to Login through the website

  • Copy and Paste this link ( ) in your URL address bar to start the GoDaddy login process.
  • Hit “Enter”, and it will lead you to the GoDaddy Email Login page.
  • Type the “Username” and “Password” that you entered while registering yourself on GoDaddy.
  • You can also tick-mark “Keep me signed in on this advice” option to avoid entering login credentials again and again. However, this step is completely optional for you to do so.
  • Enter “Sign in” and get access to your GoDaddy account.

This way, using the login credentials of your GoDaddy account, you can login to the same. However, note that there’s also an alternate way of doing so! Wondering about the same? 

Well, if you want you can also sign-in to your GoDaddy account either with your Amazon account, your Facebook account or with your Google account. And, for that, you can simply click on any of these three options i.e., Amazon/Facebook/Google available underneath the sign-in button on the same “GoDaddy Sign-in Page.”

Now, as you must be aware of the fact that GoDaddy also offers a workspace webmail as a part of its service. Basically, from your GoDaddy account’s product page, you can also open a Webmail account and consider buying an email address that matches with your business name to look way more professional.

Albeit, you may get this option while registering a domain on GoDaddy but in case you haven’t yet opted for this option then, fortunately, you can do the same anytime via following these steps—

To Open A Godaddy Webmail Account Consider These Steps

  • First of all, sign in to your GoDaddy account using the same above given steps.
  • Then, go to its “Product Page.”
  • There, clicking on the “Create.” 
  • After that, you will notice a lot of email addresses and out of all, select any email address that you prefer to use for your business.
  • Once you’re done selecting the GoDaddy’s workspace email address, move ahead to select your “Domain” also.
  • In continuation, you’ll be asked to create a “Password” for the same. For that, enter a unique password in the required text-field and then, re-enter the same for confirmation.
  • Now, click on the “Create” button and wait to receive a confirmation email as soon as the setup process finishes.
  • And, once you received the confirmation, click the “Next” button to use your GoDaddy’s workspace email.

However, in order to use it, you’ve to login to your GoDaddy workspace email.

Method 2: GoDaddy Workspace Email Login (Webmail Login)

GoDaddy Workspace Webmail

GoDaddy also offers workspace webmail to all businesses as one of its services. This feature helps firms to get a more professional and classy look by having an email address that matches their related company’s name.
Generally, users avail this option when they start registering a domain name on GoDaddy. But in case if you haven’t opted this feature yet, here’s a how-to guide included for you to do it anytime you want.
Well, you can open a Webmail account and buy an email address that matches your business name from your GoDaddy’s Account Product Page. Then, read the following given steps to get a full GoDaddy Workspace Login guide.

Steps to Create GoDaddy Webmail Account:

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account by using any of the methods mentioned below.
  2. Go to GoDaddy’s Product Page”.
  1. Click on the ”Setup Email” option on the top. 
  1. After that, a long list of multiple email addresses will show up. Select any email address” of your own choice that you want to use for your business.
  2. Once you are done with opting for a GoDaddy’s workspace email, choose a Domain” next.
  3. Now, you will be required to enter a Password” to continue the process. So, enter a unique Password and re-enter it for confirmation.
  4. Hit the ”Create” option and wait for a while till the configuration ends.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email” as the setup process gets finished.
  6. Now click Next” in order to go for your GoDaddy Workspace Email Login.

Steps To Open GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Login:

  1. Visit this link while using your preferred browser, and it will lead you to GoDaddy Webmail Login Page.
  2. On the GoDaddy Webmail Sign in Page, enter the ”GoDaddy workspace email login” credentials in their respective text-boxes.
  1. Mark the ‘‘checkbox” if you want to access it anytime on your device without entering any associated details. Again, remember it’s totally optional and depends on either you want to avail it or not.
  2. Now, hit the “Sign in” option and get easy access to your GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Account.  

In addition to the above methods, let’s tell you that you can also login to your GoDaddy account with Microsoft Office 365 because it even works in collaboration with Microsoft. Hence, if you consider accessing your GoDaddy account via this another method then, here’s how you can do so—

Method 3: GoDaddy Account Login Using MS Office 365

Step 1:Using your regular-used web browser only, visit this link “” In doing so, you reach onto the login page for GoDaddy’s Microsoft Office 365.
Step 2:There, you’ve to provide your “Email Address” and “Password” of GoDaddy’s MS Office 365 account. To do so, simply enter the email ID and password in their respective blank text box.
Step 3:[Optional]After that, tick-mark the “Keep me signed in on this device” checkbox if you want to stay signed in on this particular device for a longer period.
Step 4:Now, as per the last step, hit the “Sign-in” button to finally access your GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 account.

So, this is all about how you can login to your GoDaddy account using a step-by-step guide of either of the above-discussed “three-popular i.e., website, workspace webmail and/or Microsoft Office 365” methods.

However, sometimes even after your correct login attempt, you might be denied access to your GoDaddy account because of plenty of annoying factors. But, mainly it’s either because you have entered the wrong/incorrect associated password of your GoDaddy account or someone has changed the same without your acknowledgement. 

Well, regardless of the ill-factors behind encountering GoDaddy web-login issues, here’s how by resetting password, you can attempt to regain access to your GoDaddy account. 

Now the main concern arises when you aren’t able to log into your GoDaddy account at all. This is one of the common login issues with GoDaddy but can be resolved easily. 

Godaddy Email Login Issues

There can be different scenarios when logging into your GoDaddy webmail or email account seems impossible. 

Here are some of the log in issues that may surprise you:

  1. Your GoDaddy password is correct but you aren’t sure about your username.
  2. You remember your username but the password seems incorrect
  3. When you have enabled two-step verification and there is a problem with it
  4. You may not be using the correct site or way to login into your GoDaddy account.

To deal with GoDaddy email login issues, you can reset your password or request them to give your username. Also, their support service is really great as can be seen on GoDaddy’s Twitter Help handle. So you can reach out to them anytime you face issues regarding login or other features.

How to Reset Godaddy Email Password?

If you are facing issues while signing into GoDaddy email account for any reasons such as you have forgotten your account or password, here is how you can recover it by resetting the password:

Steps To How to Reset Godaddy Email Password?

  1. Click on this link and sign in to your GoDaddy account manager.
  2. Click on the tab that reads Products’‘.
  3. Next, click on Workspace Email”.
  4. Now, select an account for which you want to reset the password.
  5. Choose the Edit” option.
  6. Please enter your new password and then re-enter it for confirmation.

How To Reset Your GoDaddy’s Account Password?

Steps To Reset Your GoDaddy’s Account Password

  1. Copy and paste this link in your address bar and hit the Enter” key.
  2. On GoDaddy Password Reset Page, enter your Username or Customer ID” required to process further. 
  3. Click on Continue”.
  4. Now, enter the email that you linked with your GoDaddy Account for getting email alerts.
  5. After receiving a mail from Godaddy, click on the provided link in the email to reset your password.
  6. Clicking on the password reset link will direct you to the password reset page. Change your password and enter it again for confirmation.
  7. This way, your password has changed, and now you can easily login to your GoDaddy account with new credentials.

How To Change Godaddy Account’s Password

Follow these simple steps to change GoDaddy Account Password

1. Firstly, visit the “GoDaddy Login Page” to login to your GoDaddy account using the login credentials that are associated with your GoDaddy’s account.
2. Once you logged in, direct yourself onto the Workspace email by clicking on the “Products” options from the homepage itself.
3. Then, you’ve to select the “Email ID” of your GoDaddy’s account whose password you want to update.
4. After selecting it, just click on the “Edit” button to let the “Edit Account” option appear on the screen.
5. Next, what you have to do is enter a new and unique password in the blank “Change Password text-box.” 
6. In continuation, re-enter the same password that you’ve created for your GoDaddy account, in the “Confirm Password text-box” simply for confirmation.
7. And, in the end, click the “Save” button once you’re done entering the same.  
8. Now, wait for a while as you receives a confirmation notice about your changed password and once you get the same, exit the “Edit Account Page” by clicking the “Close” button.

How To Update GoDaddy’s Account Password

Follow these simple steps to update GoDaddy Account Password

  1. First of all, go to ”Godaddy Login Page” and login to your GoDaddy’s account by entering associated credentials.
  2. After login, click on Products” option that you’ll easily find on the homepage and direct yourself onto the GoDaddy Workspace Email Page.
  3. Choose the Email Address” of your GoDaddy’s account that you want to update the password for.
  4. After selecting that, press the ”Edit” option and wait until you see the Edit Account” option pop up on the screen.
  5. In this step, all you will be required is to enter a strong and unique password in the text-box that reads Change Password”.
  6. Now, write the password that you’ve already entered in the last step for further confirmation.
  7. Enter Save”, in the end, to get it done finally.
  8. Now, wait for the confirmation prompt about your changed password.
  9. After receiving that confirmation notice, hit the Close” option to leave the Edit Account Page.

How do I log into GoDaddy professional email?

It’s also a convenient way to confirm your email address and password are good to go.

  1. Go to Webmail. (We recommend bookmarking this sign-in page.)
  2. Enter your Username (email address) and Password. (Your GoDaddy username and password won’t work here.)
  3. Select Sign In to open webmail and see your inbox.

What email platform does GoDaddy use?

Every email plan is backed by Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime guarantee and our award-winning 24/7 support. You’ll feel confident knowing our all-star team is powering your email.

What is professional email in GoDaddy?

A professional email account is an accessible and easy way to have the name of your company or your domain name in your email address. Email that matches your business name, versus “generic” email, can help you look more professional and can build credibility and trust with new and prospective customers.